IoT and Cloud Solutions for Smart Buildings and Industry

Building Automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most interesting combinations of the near future. It will drive the building technology similar to the industry 4.0 and will combine all trades and heterogeneous systems. This simplifies the technology, lowers operating costs for the operator and nevertheless increases the comfort for the user of the building.


The ARIGO team has been developing information technology for building automation and measurement technology for more than 20 years. Many solutions have been implemented for all common fieldbus or communication systems in the building technology and industry. Thus, a very large and deep knowledge of network technology, protocols and systems of communication technology could be established. ARIGO is a leader in this field.


As the leading LON specialist worldwide, we advise you on all questions relating to the Local Operation Network (LON). We like to We are happy to provide for communication between your existing LON landscape and other worlds, such as BACnet or Modbus, as well.

Software Development

In addition to customer-specific hard- and software solutions, which we support from the initial consultation to the start of the series, we develop solutions based on the ARIGO Framework RUMO 4.0, a very innovative system, which is based on the latest Internet technologies. It can link all current protocols and systems elegantly. Perfect for sustainable solutions with a short time-to-market approach at predictable costs.


Our Modular Gateway Platform "RUMO" connects any fieldbus systems such as BACnet, M-Bus, Modbus or LON. Depending on how desired we deliver customized hard- and firmware or our modular firmware operates on your hardware.

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We distribute products of more than 20 international manufacturers. You have a task, we will find the right product for you. With pleasure we offer product-specific training too.

We help with the installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, development and replacement.