ARIGO LogoHeterogeneous systems in building automation

We are your partner for complex tasks in heterogeneous settings in building automation. As a powerful team of specialists we realize, quickly and reliably, customized hard- and firmware developments and support with fault management.

The ARIGO engineering team was leadingly responsible for Local Operation Network (LON) as the development department of the Echelon Corporation until 2013. Besides LON today we have profound knowledge of numerous fieldbus systems like Modbus, KNX, Profibus, M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus, BACnet and others.

ARIGO Framework RUMO 4.0:
The ARIGO Framework RUMO 4.0 is a Web-Service that runs on an embedded Controller, PC or an enterprise system. It provides a Multi-Protocol Network Management Tool for BACnet, M-Bus, LON, Modbus and others and a built-in Web-HMI-Tool to create custom web interfaces according to the HTML5 standard. HMI surfaces created with this tool are:

    high-performant web HMIs
    very easy to develop
    intuitively to use
    expandable at any time
Counselling and analysis considering LON systems:

As the leading LON specialist worldwide we give you advice with all questions relating to Local Operation Network (LON). We are happy to provide for communication between your existing LON landscape and other worlds, such as BACnet or Modbus, as well. Our Modular Gateway Platform "Flexigate" connects any fieldbus systems such as BACnet, M-Bus, Modbus or LON. Depending on how desired we deliver customized hard- and firmware or our modular firmware operates on your hardware.

Customized hard- and firmware development:

Customer-specific we develop hardware and/or with the matching firmware from the initial consultation to the production stage. The communication can optionally take place with Ethernet, WLAN, ZigBee, BlueTooth or GPRS/LTE. In case of mobile communications we attend to the subject SIM cards and static IP addresses for you as well.

Distribution of network configuration software, protocol gateways, development tools, ICs and components, ...
We distribute products of more than 20 international manifacturers. You have a task, we will find the right product for you. In addition to that we help with the installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, development and replacement. With pleasure we offer product-specific training too.
Fault management via remote maintenance:
Often the locally available knowledge is not sufficient to analyse and eliminate incidents occuring in complex GA-Systems. We connect ourselves with your system via existing internet accesses and support you with troubleshooting. As required we also provide mobile routers for temporary fault management suitable for the dial-up (see project support)
Integration in Facility Management or ERP Systems:
We provide your data of the fieldbus level to the Facility Management or ERP Systems. Be the linkage via Soap or JSON/Rest interface (RESTful WebServices), we develop the matching software for you. If desired the hardware as well, respectively advice on the infrastructure for communication between the systems.