Training SmartServer

Introduction into the multifarious functions and and the numerous application possibilities of the SmartServer.


Course Content

Within this seminar the attendees are enabled to use the numerous features of the SmartServer efficiently. With practical examples it will be demonstrated how to access, control, and monitor electronic LonWorks, Modbus and M-Bus devices, how to generate alarms and emails. Networks will be installed using the OpenLNS CT tool and in Standalone Mode as it is used in many Energy-, Outdoor and Indoor applications and in smaller building automation. Participants will learn how to use iLON Vision to generate Web user Interfaces for all standard Browser, smartphones, tablet PCs and TVs. 

Course Objective Participants learn how to use the multifarious features of the SmartServer efficiently and beneficially.
Course Duration 1 Day
Prerequisites Knowledge of LonMaker or OpenLNS CT is beneficial
Suitable for System integrators, engineers, technicians