Training Optimizing LON networks

Manage complex connections within large LON projects and systematically design and choose the correct connection template. Optimize network traffic, band width and performance.


Course Content

Within LON projects again and again problems are encountered while creating connections. Sometimes devices run out of address table entries, sometimes alias table entries are not available. In large projects it can happen that the limits of the maximum of groups or selectors are reached even though the project is not completed. Every parameter for creating connections is explained systematically and in detail also considering the consequences within the devices, the network resources and network behavior. Reflecting different connection requirements optimal connection templates are designed, the usage of tools is integrated and practical examples are used to control the resources of devices and the network. For specific connection types - which are a particular challenge - tipps and tricks are presented to prevent failure. At the end of the seminar there is time for special and project specific questions and the solution developments.

Course Objective Participants learn how to manage complex connections within large projects and how to systematically design and choose the correct connection template.
The usage of network management tools is in the centre of the pratical view.
Course Duration 1 Day
Prerequisites Knowledge of OpenLNS CT, LonMaker TE and LonMaker FX or LonMaker 3.1, preferably project experience
Suitable for System integrators, engineers, technicians