Training Protocol Analyzing and Troubleshooting

Usage of protocol analyzing tools (LonScanner) to find functional failures and document the proper operation of the network


Course Content

Some project situations require a protocol analyzing. The communication in the network and the effects can be evaluated even though functional influences might not be visible. In any case a protocol analyzing including documentation is recommended before handing over the project to document the proper operation of the network. In case of a functional failure the reason can be found with the protocol analyze log in many situations. In some cases protocol analyzing is the only way to find out the reason for a malfunction.
You'll learn the usage of the LonScanner protocol analyzing tool. The content of the protocol analyzing is explained and the systematic evaluation of the logs is done in practice. Using cases of realized projects specific problems, evaluations, reasons and corrections are shown. To prevent problems solution proposals are made and at the end of the seminar there is time for special and project specific questions and the solution developments.

Course Objective Participants learn how to use protocol analyzing tools. The required knowledge to work with these tools and the evaluation of the protocol logs are imparted in detail. Different communication schemes are analyzed and evaluated regarding reasons and possible solutions.
Course Duration 1 Day
Prerequisites Knowledge of a network management tool (OpenLNS CT, LonMaker), preferably project experience
Suitable for System integrators, engineers, technicians