Modbus RTU-Mixed (Analogue input 4port, Analog output 2port)

MR-AIO4/2-IP65 Modbus RTU analogue input for passive temperature sensors (Pt1000, Ni1000, NTC) and other resistances and active 0-10V sensors (temperature, electrical vent, valve positions, window monitoring, dewpoint monitoring) and 2 analog 0-10 V outputs. The inputs can be configured universally by means of standard objects via a BACnet client.
Modbus RTU, RS485 (two-wire bus), Supply voltage 20 V to 28 V AC/DC

MR-AIO4/2-IP65 Modbus RTU


Category I/O components, Mixed
Manufacturer METZ Connect
Bus Modbus RTU
Inputs 4 x individually configurable
Measurement range (resistance) 40 Ohm to 4 MOhm
Measurement range (voltage) 0 V to 10 V DC
Input / resolution ±10 mV
Output 2x voltage
Output / voltage 0 to 10 V DC
Resolution / voltage 0.625 V / digit
Output / Accuracy 100 mV
Transmission rate 1200 to 115200 baud
Ingress protection for housing / terminal block IP65 / IP20
EAN-No 4250184135616