LON Powerline Analog Out (1-10V)

AMD10V LON actuator module with analog 0-10 V output to switch and / or dim electronic ballasts or other devices with a 1-10V interface. This actuator has a current sink of max. 50 mA and can switch up to 6 electronic ballasts connected in parallel. Intented for installation in a recessed socket.
LON Powerline interface as per DIN EN 14908-3 or ISO/IEC 14908-3. Supply voltage 230V~/50Hz



Category I/O components, Output
Manufacturer Secyourit
Bus LON-Powerline
Output 1x voltage
Output Voltage 1 to 10 V DC
Voltage (U) 1x 230V AC
Frequency 50 Hz
Internal current draw 0.5..1.5W
Temperature -25°C bis +70°C