LON Powerline Mixed (digital in 230V, digital out 10A)

SAM1L LON sensor/actuator module with one 230V digital input and one switched output for loads up to 10A. The input can be connected to a light switch or to other switching elements (e.g. motion detector, thermostat etc..). Intented for installation in a recessed socket.
LON Powerline C-Band interface as per DIN EN 14908-3 or ISO/IEC 14908-3.
Supply voltage 230V~/50Hz



Category I/O components, Mixed
Manufacturer Secyourit
Bus LON-Powerline
Input/Output 1x digital input, 1x digital out (10A)
Input high signal 230 V AC Phase bridged to L'
Digital output 1x relay contacts
Switching voltage 250 V AC
Continuous current 10 A / output
EAN-No 4260194734006
Supply voltage 230V~/50Hz, power consumption 0.5W..1.5W via the L, N connector