LON Powerline Mixed (Digital In 230V, Dimming Output 300W)

SAMDR LON sensor/dimmer module with one 230V input and a triac-switched output for electrical devices up to 300W. Loads up to 150W are allowed when the actuator is used with universal electronic transformers (leading and trailing edge). Intented for installation in a recessed socket.
LON Powerline interface as per DIN EN 14908-3 or ISO/IEC 14908-3. Supply voltage 230V~/50Hz



Category I/O components, Mixed
Manufacturer Secyourit
Bus LON-Powerline
Inputs 1 x digital
Input voltage 230 V AC
Output Triac
resistive load 300 W
System 1-conductor
Voltage (U) 1x 230V AC
Frequency 50 Hz
Internal current draw 0.5..1.5W
Temperature -25°C bis +70°C