LON-Powerline (Meter, Digital Out 10A)

BIALON PowerHouse meter with one relay output for electrical devices with current ratings up to 10A. Intended for installation in a recessed socket.
Measurement of the electrical energy W, electrical power (active power, reactive power, and apparent power), effective current and voltage, power factor cos φ and grid frequency with an accuracy class of A, (2%) as per DIN EN 50470-1 and -3.
LON Powerline interface as per DIN EN 14908-3 or ISO/IEC 14908-3. Supply voltage 90-260V~/50-60Hz



Category Meter, Energy; I/O components, Mixed
Manufacturer STV Automation
Bus LON-Powerline
Output Relais 250Vac 10A
Type Direct measuring
System 1-conductor
Voltage (U) 1x 90 to 260V AC
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Current (I) 10 A
Precision (active) 2%
Internal current draw 2 W
Temperature 0 ... +40°C