MPW16 IP RS-232+Ethernet

M-Bus level converter for up to 32 M-Bus terminals (standard load: 1.5mA) for DIN rail,
10/100 Mbps Ethernet, RS-232
Static or dynamic IP address,
Ethernet interface and M-Bus electrically isolated,
RS232-Interface and M-Bus electrically isolated,
Full M-Bus voltage from 37V to 42V,
Power supply 24Vac/dc

MPW32 IP RS-232 Ethernet


Category Meter, Master level converter
Manufacturer STV Automation
Bus M-Bus
Slaves 32
Transmission speed (M-Bus) 300 .. 38400 baud
Galvanic isolation to M-Bus X
Temperature 0 ... +50°C
Power Requirements 24Vdc ±20%; 24Vac ±5%