Mini FX/FT Evaluation Kit

Supports evaluation of LonWorks control networking through writing, compiling, and loading applications in devices equipped with a Neuron processor

Mini FX/FT Evaluation Kit

Tool comparison ↑ 

The following table summarizes the differences between the Mini FX/FT Evaluation Kit and NodeBuilder FX/FT Development Tool:

Features Mini FX/FT Evaluation Kit NodeBuilder FX/FT
Neuron C Compiler X X
Network Variables per Device 32 maximum 254 maximum
Generated Code Size per Device 12kB compiled instructions maximum 64kB maximum
Resource Editor - X
Code Wizard - X
Plug-In Framework - X
Debugger - X
Project Manager - X
Integrated Development Environment - X
Network Installation Tool Application loader only; compatible with optional LonMaker Integration Tool Includes the LonMaker Integration Tool

Specification ↑ 

Category Development, Kit
Manufacturer Echelon
Bus LON-TP/FT-10; LON-LPT-11 Link Power