LON-Digital input 10port (contact, voltage)

The LF-DI10 LON is suitable for detecting potential-free switch states, for example electrical limit switches on vent valves or auxiliary contacts of power contractors, push buttons, window contacts, dew point sensors, occupancy sensors.
TP/FT-10 free topology twisted pair (ISO/IEC 14908-2),
Supply voltage 20 V to 28 V AC/DC


Category I/O conponents, Input
Manufacturer METZ Connect
Bus LON-TP/FT-10
Inputs 10 x contact or voltage
Input / high signal more than 8 V AC/DC
Relative duty cycle 100 %
Accuracy 550 ms
Mounting Snap mounting on DIN rail according to DIN EN 50022
EAN-No 4250184135692