External through-hole LonWorks® transformer-isolated, free topology communication transceiver. Must be used with 3120 and 3150 Neuron chips to ensure reliable communication.


The FTT-10A transceiver is designed to be used with Neuron Chips (Series 3100, Series 5000, and Series 6000). The migration path from a Series 3100 Neuron Chip to a Series 3100 Smart Transceiver is fairly straightforward:
• The Series 3100 Smart Transceiver has the same footprint as the corresponding Series 3100 Neuron Chip
• The FT-X1 transformer has the same footprint as the FTT-10A transceiver
• The pinout of the FT-X1 transformer is compatible with the connections between the Series 3100 Neuron Chip and the FTT-10A transformer
See the FT 3120 and FT 3150 Smart Transceiver datasheet for more detailed information on these pinouts and footprints.

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Category ICs and Modules
Manufacturer Echelon
Bus LON-TP/FT-10