DHZ (LON, 1T, direct, MID)

4-Conductor Active Energy meter with S0-Pulse output DIN 43864
MID calibrated, direct installation, 1-tariff version,
Neuron FT 5000 - TP/FT-10 free topology twisted pair (ISO/IEC 14908-2)

DHZ (M-Bus, 1T, direkt, MID)


Category Meter, Energy
Manufacturer NZR
Bus LON-TP/FT-10
Type Direct measuring
System 4-conductor
Voltage (U) 3x230V / 400V AC
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Current (I) 65 A
Tariff 1 tariff
Precision (active) 1%
Apparant ohmic resistance 2 VA
Temperature -10 ... +55°C

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