MTM-v 2,5 cold

Modularis muti-jet dry-rotator meter with integrated module slot for remote meter reading (Impulse module must be ordered separately),
Water temperatures 30 °C,
Installation position: vertical,
Metrological classification: A (optionally B and C),
Specifications in accordance with DIN 4064,
Operating pressure PN 16 in accordance with DIN 2401,
8-digit roller counter with 3 decimal places,
PTB and EC-approval

Modularis multi-jet dry-rotator meter MT-M MOD M-Bus Insulation shell Installation Kit


Category Meter, Water
Manufacturer NZR
Type Multi-jet dry rotor
Temperature 30 °C
Qn 2,5 m³/h
DN 20 (3/4")
Length 105 mm
Installation Position vertical