WZ-M LON 10,0-h G DN40

Multi stream heat meter for 10,0 m³/h, sensor wet,
horizontal thread,
Neuron FT 5000 - TP/FT-10 free topology twisted pair (ISO/IEC 14908-2),
Multifunctional display with 7 digits,
Volume recording via electronical sensing(magnet free),
Temperature range up to 180° C,
Self-calibrating temperature feedback loop,
Legal compliance,
Remote display control,
24VDC power supply

Multi stream heat counter


Category Meter, Heat
Manufacturer NZR
Type mechanical volume type
Qn 10,0 m³/h
DN 40 (1 1/2")
Length 300 mm
Installation Position horizontal
Pipe -
Screw thread

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