CPD 3000 Light Controller - Europe

CPD 3000 Outdoor Lighting Controller,
C-Band Power line Transceiver (ISO/IEC 14908-3),
Input Voltage: 100 VAC to 250 VAC (2 Wire + Earth)
Switched internal relay for turning lights on/off (max 500W)
1x Analog Output 0-10V

CPD3000.png CPD3000_Mounting.png

Additional Product Information ↑ 

The CPD 3000 Outdoor Lighting Controller enables command, control, and monitoring of each light. It communicates with Echelon’s SmartServer Segment Controller over existing power lines.

Specification ↑ 

Category Controller
Manufacturer Echelon
Bus LON-Powerline
Output 1x digital out (5A), 1x analog out (0-10V), 1x analog out (PWM)
Measured data Voltage, current, power factor, status, lighting hours
Precision (active) 2%
Input voltage 100 V AC – 250 V AC
Frequency 47 to 63 Hz
Relay Continuous current 5A
Apparant ohmic resistance not specified
Temperature -40 ... +70°C