Dialog WZ R5.M 2,5-N DN20

Compact heat meter for 2,5 m³/h, sensor wet,
Plug-In Expansion Interface Modules for LON, M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus and KNX available,
Arithmetic unit with admission to 120 ° C,
8-digit LCD-Multifunctional display ,
MID calibrated,
Arithmetic unit housing rotatable and removable and optional sold mountable
Battery life 6 years plus 1 year power reserve

Dialog WZ R5.M Dialog WZ R5.M Module Kit large


Category Meter, Heat
Manufacturer NZR
Type mechanical volume type
Accurancy EN 1434-1:2007, Class 3
Sensor wet
Qn 2,5 m³/h
DN 20 (3/4")
Screw thread 1"
Length 130 mm
Battery Battery service life 6 years plus 1 year power reserve
Media Temperature max 120 °C
Installation Position horizontal, vertical
Kit small, large