WZ-MC402 15,0 DN50FL MID

KAMSTRUP MULTICAL 402 Ultrasonic heat meter for 15.0 m³/h retrofittable with M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus and Pulse modules (Module must be ordered separately).
sensor wet,
MID calibrated,
M-Bus interface EN 13757-2, -3,
Multifunctional display with 8+3 digits,
Optical interface D0 according to EN 61107



Category Meter, Heat
Manufacturer Kampstrup
Type Ultrasonic
Qn 15.0 m³/h
DN 50 (2")
Length 270 mm
Screw flange DN50
Voltage (U) Battery service life 12 years wall mounted (10 years mounted on flow sensor)
or supply mains at 230 V AC or 24 V AC
Media Temperature 15 ... 130 °C
Ambient Temperature 0 ... 55 °C