QuickServer M-Bus to BACnet/IP-MS/TP and Modbus RTU/TCP Gateway (32)

FieldServer QuickServer M-Bus to BACnet/IP-MS/TP and Modbus RTU/TCP Gateway (max. 32 M-Bus Slaves)

QuickServer M-Bus to BACnet IP

Description ↑ 

The QuickServer M-Bus Gateway is configurable to act as both a Master and a Slave M-Bus device. As M-Bus Master it polls data from the M-Bus network and publishes it to the BACnet or Modbus network. In slave mode it allows to exchange data from BACnet or ModBus into M-Bus network. In slave mode baud rate gets automatically adapted to the baud rate required by the master speed (auto-baud).

QuickServer Key Features:

  • Integrated M-Bus Level Converter for up to 32 M-Bus devices
  • M-Bus Baud Rate: 300-38400 baud (Auto-band Discovery)
  • BTL certification, Rev. 12
  • BACnet COV support for fast data communication while reducing traffic over a BACnet network
  • Multi-configuration capability; specific configurations selectable via DIP switches or software
  • DIP switches to select baud rate or node ID on the fly
  • Embedded diagnostics for data monitoring and control
  • Web Based GUI configuration
  • Flat panel mount standard, DIN rail mount option
  • Specification ↑ 

    Configuration M-Bus TO BACnet-IP
    Category Protocol Converter; Gateway
    Manufacturer Sierra Monitor
    Bus 1 M-Bus
    Bus 2 BACnet-IP
    Data Points 1000
    M-Bus Slaves 32
    Hardware FS-QS-1x50
    Power Requirements 9-30 VDC or 12-24 VAC
    Temperature -40 ... +75°C