MBM55 M-Bus Master Module

The MBM110 module is a compact M-Bus level converter for a maximum of 110 bus loads with all the necessary components. Pin compatible with Solvimus MBUS-M13-S

M-Bus Master Modul


Manufacturer FELD-Automation
Description - detector for evaluating the current-modulated slave telegrams
- Collision detection
- Electronic current limitation of the bus voltage with foldback function (current
reduction in the event of a short circuit)
Bus M-Bus
Power Requirements 24Vdc
Slaves 110 (optional 155)
Size 30mm x 33mm
Transmission speed (M-Bus) 300 .. 38400 baud
Galvanic isolation to M-Bus X (requires an external DC/DC-Converter 24V/24V)
Operating Temperature -25 °C to +80 °C