Residential Water meter (Qn 2,5 to 10 m³/h)

LON, M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus water meter.

Residential LON Water meter (Qn 2,5 to 10 m³/h)

LON water meter. For volume measurement a water meter with S0 impulse output is required

Residential M-Bus and Wireless M-Bus Water meter (Qn 2,5 to 10 m³/h)

Surface-mounted M-Bus and Wireless M-Bus water meter.


On the Modularis multi stream water meter (Residential Water meter) the water is fed in over multiple inlets to the impeller wheel and converges over multiple outlet channels. In this was the axis is burdened more consistently and the axle bearings won't get damaged so quickly. This is useful for Main water meters where large volumes of water need to be measured.