IzoT Router / Terminators

Router allow to intelligently partition sections of the network and increasing total throughput and capacity.

IzoT Router 2

Router for connecting LonTalk/IP or BACnet/IP devices on an Ethernet channel with LON devices on an FT or RS-485 channel.

I.LON 600

Four preconfigured versions of the i.LON 600 are available. The i.LON600 is also available in a combination with the MPR50.

MPR-50 Multi-Port Router

Five-channel router with four free topology (TP/FT-10) channels and one 1.25 Mbps bus channel as high-speed backbone .

LPR-Router Module

LonWorks (ANSI/EIA-709.1) two-channel routers that can interface between TP/FT-10-, TP/XF-78- and TP/XF-1250 channels

Channel Terminator

Network terminator for a TP/FT-10 free
topology and bus topology channel.

Additional Product Information

Routers expand networks to support more devices, improve performance, and increase reliability and distance.