Temperature, pressure, humidity, airflow, occupancy sensors


Picture Description price without VAT
thumb Room Temperature Sensor (00600-RF-E20)
-30...+60°C PT1000 modern housing design mounting on in-wall junction box by adapter frame
on request
thumb Duct Temperature Sensor (00650-KF-E20-100)
-30...+150°C PT1000, incl. mounting flange, protection type IP65
on request
thumb Flow Sensor for Airflow (00800-SF-CR)
0-20 m/s, 0...+50°C accuracy ±0,3 m/s relay contact, 5 scales, supply voltage 24 V AC/DC
on request
thumb Pressure Switch (00700-DW-H40)
Pressure Switch for Non-aggressive Gases, mechanical, change-over contact, incl. connecting kit, 50...500 Pa
on request
thumb Observer 220° (80001R)
Observer 220° with digital signal evaluation, Moisture-proof, Sensor head adjustable in 2 axes, Short-time operation to control signal encoders, High protection against ambient light
on request