Target-oriented know how around the LON technology. Varied trainings and concepts to fulfill your needs. Beside the listed trainings we also offer customer specific trainings and concepts.


Picture Description price without VAT
thumb Training SmartServer (00214)
Introduction into the multifarious functions and and the numerous application possibilities of the SmartServer.
on request
thumb Training OpenLNS CT (00222)
New features of OpenLNS CT comparison to the preceding releases like LonMaker TE and LonMaker FX.
on request
thumb Training Optimizing LON networks (00224)
Manage complex connections within large LON projects and systematically design and choose the correct connection template. Optimize network traffic, band width and performance.
on request
thumb Training Protocol Analyzing and Troubleshooting (00230)
Usage of protocol analyzing tools (LonScanner) to find functional failures and document the proper operation of the network
on request