Visualization of the fire protection technology of the Grand Tower in Frankfurt am Main

The gateway technology and visualisation of the tallest residential tower in Germany is realised with the ARIGO Framework RUMO 4.0.

DRC-02 including LON-FTT-10

In high-rise buildings like the Grandtower, actively regulated smoke pressurisation systems (SPS), also known as overpressure ventilation systems, are required. The SPS system from Kingspan | STG Beikirch is based on a safety-related LonWorks bus which switches the system to the alarm state and regulates the differential pressure, as soon as smoke is detected by a sensor.

Three DRC-02 gateways which run the ARIGO Framework RUMO 4.0 are sending the status of approimately 150 pressure sensors, the control of more than 300 ventilation, fire and smoke control dampers, as well as the control of redundant supply air and exhaust fans via an IoT-protocol to a central server. On this central server where the ARIGO Framework RUMO 4.0 is installed as well, all data is monitored, recorded and visualized.

ARIGO Framework RUMO 4.0

Visualization of the building management system (BMS)

These extensive monitoring functions guarantee all legally prescribed safety conditions.

GrandTower Frankfurt am Main