Microsoft Azure hosted Service-Maintenance-Cloud for Fire Protection Systems

The Service-Maintenance-Cloud of Kingspan Light+Air is based on the ARIGO framework RUMO 4.0.

Kingspan Light+Air NB IoT/2G Modem

Smoke and heat pressurisation systems (SPS) can nowadays be found in many buildings.
Checking the operational readiness and maintenance, especially of many smaller systems, is associated with considerable personnel efforts and costs. The remote monitoring system from Kingspan records the relevant status and geo data of all Fire Protection Systems and transmits these encrypted via an NB IoT modem in the MQTT protocol to the ARIGO Framework RUMO 4.0 running on a central server of the Service Maintenance Cloud. In areas where LTE  is not available, the modem can also transmit the data via 2G. The status of all Fire Protection Systems can be clearly displayed on a street map and is tracked in an Alarm Notification application.

ARIGO Framework RUMO 4.0

Microservices Architecture of the Service Maintenance Cloud of Kingspan Light+Air

The Service Maintenance Cloud uses Microservices. That means that the central server and the individual customer applications are divided into independent services that run within different Docker Images. The ARIGO Framework RUMO 4.0 is installed in every Docker Image. In this way, each customer has their own "server service" that exchanges data with the central server using a JSON/REST protocol. This ensures maximum data and failure security. Each customer receives his own link to his server application via a reverse proxy. Via an IoT hub, the data can be send to a Azure Cloud for further analysis, for example using Power Bi.

In a second step, this portal will also enable customers to monitor and remotely maintain larger properties.